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Lately my K12S '07 has problems keeping the RPMs on idle (steady on about 1200~1250) when its hot, and few times just chocked and turned off the engine.
Today i went to the workshop that i use to service my bike, they hooked it to the computer and did not find any reason for that (they guessed maybe its the noisy clutch basket that causes lowering the idle RPMs when hot). after a chat with my friend that works for few months now in the BMW official dealer here, it appears that exactly this issue points on a coils failure and they worked on about 3-4 various K's '05-'06 that had the same problems and replaced their coils..
Mine has 137K KMs on it (!!) and its my everyday ride so it has to be fixed.
I have few questions concerning the issue above:
Did some of you replaced the coils by yourselfs?
Why i'm asking, because i want to do it with the friend who's the mechanic at the BMW dealer, but the coils here costs a fortune (overseas, monstrous inport taxes & customs fees on everyone here makes it that expensive..) so i was looking for a set of 4 new coils on the net, found set of originals in bikebandit & MAX BMW (both are seems to be abit expensive, Beemer boneyard do not have any new ones for the K..) and set of BERU aftermarket in euromotoelectrics:
But i'm not sure if the german aftermarket are reliable as the originals - did someone replaced with the aftermarket ones and can tell if its a trusted replacement?
If you can give me a link to site/s or details of local store/s that have those coils and i can contact with to work with the shipment (i have an address in NJ and they will send it to me overseas from there) i'll be grateful.
I'll also try to contact motorworks UK
If someone worked with a dealer in Germany that can speak English it'll also be fine
Thank you very much in advance
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