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This has been addressed here and there in the past but hoping for some input and advice.
I recently purchased a Garmin 2820 and a Valentine 1. Now my issue is the best way to mount and wire these. In the past I've considered mounts that use the available hole near the grips but I've found that I really prefer having to just glance down when riding rather than looking to the side.
Also, I've read in previous posts issues with CAN bus problems due to adding accessories. I've also seen 'fuse blocks' (I believe) mentioned in posts.
Any advice, things to avoid or watch for, input from someone that may have a Garmin and V1, anything at all would be appreciated. Guess I had better mention that this will be on a '07 GT.

One last thing that I wondered if someone could enlighten me on. Years ago I always had a radar detector in my car. I'm not a crazy speeding maniac, but sometimes I don't like to go 55 or 60 or sometimes I'm just not paying attention to my speed. I gave up the detectors when lasers started becoming more popular with the LEO's. The radar detector really didn't give me much piece of mind when I realized that I could still be picked up by a laser and never know it. So, what do others do about this? Do you just concern yourself about radar and take your chances with laser, hoping that there just aren't many out there? I live in NE Ohio and just about every time I see the local police out on the four lane, they're using lasers (just got my first speeding ticket in twelve years last fall, from a laser). I know that there are laser jammers, but then you end up with your bike looking like a shelf at Best Buy. Also, here in Ohio, you can't drive much more than a half hour on the interstate without seeing the state troopers or the locals. It's big business here. Anyhow, was wondering what others do. I don't neccessarily want to cruise at triple digits all day but holding my speed at 60 or 65 is somewhat frustrating.

Thanks for the help and advice I'm sure I'll be receiving.
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