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It Moves!!!!

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I purchased this k1200rs a few months ago at a Salvage dealer in my area. Price was $1700, It had High Mileage and a big gaping hole in the valve cover. I figured I could use a Project and the K seemed like a worthy one from the reviews I read.

On the weekends I fixed various things wrong with it , Radiators, Fairing Brackes, Pegs, added Spiegler lines and some of the touring pegs. Ive spent way too much time on the fairings ( I got the nice red ones off some guy in Ebay, dont let them fool you, they are utter crap. 40% bondo, Ive wasted more money on getting other fairings so I can eventually get something working )

I spent today putting in some of the lastpieces to make it complete ( still a few more pieces with the windscreen mounting .. ack! ) I was getting a bit depressed about the project. Having doubts about whether or not Ill be able to even RIDE this thing after its over (Im pretty short, plus Im not 100% sure Ill be able to handle a bike this big, Ive ridden other bikes before, but Im still relativly new ) But I decided that I needed to at least take it around the block ...

And I did :) But there is a lot of smoke coming from this. :( Hopefully Ill get to that soon.

Just thought Id share here.

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on the other hand

it looks like the bike did a long slide grinding away the valve cam cover=if the motor ran for any length of time with no oil,and from what I've heard seconds is all it take, then the motor might have some real internal damage.Other wise if not ,then you have a very affordable K12.
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