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It Moves!!!!

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I purchased this k1200rs a few months ago at a Salvage dealer in my area. Price was $1700, It had High Mileage and a big gaping hole in the valve cover. I figured I could use a Project and the K seemed like a worthy one from the reviews I read.

On the weekends I fixed various things wrong with it , Radiators, Fairing Brackes, Pegs, added Spiegler lines and some of the touring pegs. Ive spent way too much time on the fairings ( I got the nice red ones off some guy in Ebay, dont let them fool you, they are utter crap. 40% bondo, Ive wasted more money on getting other fairings so I can eventually get something working )

I spent today putting in some of the lastpieces to make it complete ( still a few more pieces with the windscreen mounting .. ack! ) I was getting a bit depressed about the project. Having doubts about whether or not Ill be able to even RIDE this thing after its over (Im pretty short, plus Im not 100% sure Ill be able to handle a bike this big, Ive ridden other bikes before, but Im still relativly new ) But I decided that I needed to at least take it around the block ...

And I did :) But there is a lot of smoke coming from this. :( Hopefully Ill get to that soon.

Just thought Id share here.

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