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I tried this thread on another forum, a few comments, no real information....

Please only post engineering and performance information, I need to compare what I feel with what I read.

Suggested format:
Use and feel: 90% daily commuter on worst roads imaginable at high speed, big ruts and rim bending pot holes. The ride is a bit harsh on the commute, works pretty well on smoother canyon roads. I never carry a passenger and have Ti exhaust, Li battery, etc for 35 lbs under stock, I weigh 175 lbs.

Front: Wilbers 115 - 150 spring
1.5" sag with rider
10 clicks rebound

Rear :Wilbers 100 - 165 spring
insufficient sag 1.25" (will change to 1.77" if this spring is correct)
Compression, low, 17 clicks
Compression, high, 16 clicks

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Greetings to you and your disposition, although you may have found a solution by now.... let's review a couple of items : 1. YOU HAD REPLACED YOUR OE SHOCKS WITH WILBERS IN WHAT APPEARS TO BE DUAL RATE SPRINGS OR PROGRESSIVE. At 175 lbs and no pillions you should be running linear or dual rates for that city commuting.

Let's assume you understand sag and squat...

You state the front sags correctly, but without measuring or sharing your findings for free/static and rider....the reader is left without the target you are trying to achieve.

What I can tell you is that : until you set your sags properly, your rebound and compression clickers are useless.

Determining spring rates is typically calculated by suspension shops or the manufacturer. We offer this as a service at our suspension shop, and you may feel free to call or write us [email protected]

We sell and service Wilbers, Legends and Ohlins.

Lastly, it may also behoove you or anyone else
To remove your linkage, clean inspect and correct any discrepancies prior to testing the shock.

Least not forget; A spring is an energy storage device and is the backbone of our suspension systems. This is always the starting point to build your perfect ride.

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