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Intermittent gremlins are such a bitch. Sixth sense is guessing an
engine electric issue.

At the point I do NOT know where to go next ! Maybe it's time to buy a
new GS and be done with it. LOL


Two months ago, I experienced some intermittent weirdness on my K 75.
Engine would NOT rev over 3K without stumbling/stalling. Limped into a
service plaza, dumped the fuel suspecting contaminated gas,refilled
with fresh petrol, NO change.

Out of desperation, I re-inserted the ECU brain plug, BINGO, fired up,
away we go into the sunset. R&R the fuel filter upon return to the
house,new spark plugs,fuel pump,coil connections inspection, ignition &
kill switches seem OK.

Ran perfect, over 2800 miles __________ till this afternoon. :-(

ECU was un-clipped and clipped back in for the second time, ____ ball
game back on. Why is a mystery as it's NOT loose,corroded,etc. In the
garage, damn thing purrs like a kitten,unable to produce any weirdness,
go figure.


It is possible the TPS is sending a funky signal to the ECU to cut-off
to avoid over driving the engine ?
How long should a TPS last ?
Should I suspect a Halls Effect Sensor slowly going south ?
How long/mileage should a HES last ?

I seem to remember someone posting the electrical values of the TPS a
couple years back. Could you please post them again.

Wish I had a spare ECU to swap but they rarely fail. NO idea on how to
test one anyway.

1994 K 75 standard 253,000 miles (data point)

order of flailing on the slate for Monday

#1 re-check the coil connections

#2 ignition wires ohm readings

#3 visual & electrical inspection of the TPS

#4 Jeff Dunkle's HES hairdryer test

#5 ICU
don't you use some kind of anti thermal paste on the backside snobum ?

Anything else I'm missing here ? THANX


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You mentioned that the connector is not corroded. I would still recommend spraying it with eletric contact cleaner, and scrubbing with a toothbrush anyways (that is, if you haven't already).

I also found that my ECU could rattle around a bit, so I have some weatherstripping foam in there to keep it from bouncing.

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I might look into the hall sensor. I screwed around diagnosing a ton of stuff this summer and never could reproduce the stalling/not starting as i would keep trying and it would eventually catch. Only figured it was the hall sensor after it completely refused to start.

I thought it was the ecu connection for a long while... sigh

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