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So removed my oil pan on my k1300s to clean it out since the clutch material that wears over the years doesn’t all get drained on oil changes, it needed it and wasn’t a big job.
Hardest part was trying to remove all the old goop gasket material that bmw puts on is a pain and took the longest time, it sticks on both the block and oil pan and you need lots of patience and a few new razor blades to get it all off, then both surfaces need to be completely dry and back on goes the nasty goop again, not to easy to do since oil is flowing down the block to the surface that needs to be completely dry, got to be a better, cleaner, easier way.
Checked around and No one listed or made an actual gasket for the pan, not available thru bmw or aftermarket.
Well, not wanting to put nasty goop back on I had gaskets custom made for the oil pan and they work great, same torques spec and no leaks whatsoever. Such a better way to do the Job IMO.
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