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G'day all,

I have recently purchased an 1986 K100RT (with an RS fairing) and today I noticed for the first time that it has a pronounced front wheel shudder-shimmy, at a range of speeds (( at least 50-100kph..I havent tested the full range yet, butget the impression it may be there at all speeds)...It is only apparent when taking weight off the handlebars, which I hadnt done until this morning...I first noticed it when sitting up and only maintaining a very light grip on the started to shimmy and seemed to get worse as I decelerated (or perhaps it was just getting worse the further I rode, as I released the throttle as soon as I felt the shudder)...When Im holding the grips normally there is no discernible shimmy, and I cant feel any shudder through the handlebars...but it is immediately apparent when I loosen my grip to take weigth off the bars.

Any advice? Likely it likely to be a wheel balance issue or something worse?



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Yep, all of the above and below.

Head shake can be one or more things. The first and cheapest is tire balance.
One time I had a tire balanced and they put all the weights on one side and that set off the head shake.

But I think with the age of your bike you won't get off that cheap.

I would do this:
Check tire pressure
Check steering damper
Check wheels for out of round (bent)
Check brake rotors for out of round
Check tires for wear patterns. If the bike has been park for a very long time in one spot maybe the tire has flat spot. but I dought it.
Check front / rear tire alignment
Now to spent some $$$
Then balance tires
Then, replace tires.
Then, replace shocks
Then new bike. (some folks say ALL bikes have some head shake)

Good luck, as we say in Las Vegas.

Anyone can add to this list, feel free.
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