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Hi guys

I've got a problem with my 1995 k1100lt which I hope you might be able to help me with.
My bike developed a misfire so I checked and replace the spark plugs this didn't fix it so I have since replaced the HT leads the coil packs and fuel filter. The bike still misfired to I turned my attention to the fueling rebuilding the throttle bodies changing two of the injectors and all of the breathersat the back of the throttle bodies and the ones from the air box. Two months on the bike is still running badly I've checked the cylinder compressions and the fuel pressure I replaced the fuel pressure regulator just for a laugh but still no good. Over the last few weeks the starter motor has been difficult to start I'm having to shock it with a hammer and an old screwdriver to get it to turn. I'm running out of money to throw at this bike and have even less time only being ably to work on the bike when my kids are asleep.

Hope some one can help
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