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Two Brothers full exhaust system (muffler and exhaust manifold) for BMW K1200GT 2003-2005 and K1200RS 1997-2005.

The exhaust is off my 2003 K1200GT. Two brothers told me it fits the K1200 bikes that use the same OEM BMW exhaust as the 2003 K1200GT.

BMW parts catalog shows the following bikes use the same 2003 K1200GT BMW exhaust:

2003-2006 K1200GT
1997-2006 K1200RS

The exhaust is also designed so that the OEM BMW cases can still be used on the bike.
The exhaust sits comfortably under the OEM side case just like the stock exhaust does.

The exhaust is in perfect condition with no marks of scratches.

The muffler is the lightweight Titanium version. MUCH lighter than the stock exhaust.
The muffler was recently repacked and the new packing has less than 2,000 miles use.

The muffler is a slip on that attaches to the custom 4 into one two brothers exhaust manifold.
The manifold is compatible with the stock O2 sensor so you will not get error codes when installing this exhaust.

Power tip accessory included. Gold version. Most power is obtained without the Power Tip.
The power tip reduces the overall power, but by creating a bit of back pressure for more torque in certain rev ranges as well as reducing
noise a bit. Both setups produce a marked increase in power compared to the stock exhaust.

I will include 4 new OEM BMW copper crush washer gaskets so you will have all you need to install the exhaust.

Rare item as Two Brothers no longer makes the 4 in one header for these K1200 bike years.
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