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Greetings fellow riders. I am reaching out to all of you for guidance on where I can obtain the Upper Front Fairing (The plastic part that holds the windshield and houses the headlight) for a K1200R Sport. I have searched for Carbon Fiber replacement companies (MDI and Motocomposites), I have searched all of ebay for used parts as well as Beamer Boneyard, I have placed orders on Partsss, Bike Bandit, Hornig, Max-BWM and they all have cancelled my order due to this particular part no longer being available. I have reached out to BMW directly and they no longer carry/produce this component.

It doesn't matter the color, but it is item 16 (Trim Panel Upper Part - 46637699494) in this part diagram:

Does anyone out there have an idea where I may look? Please.

Thank you all kindly and be safe out there!~
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