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I recently pulled apart my 2005 K1200S clutch pack to make the spring upgrade and to checkout the clutch pack for wear.
Made the upgrade and clutch pack looked fine.
Reassembled and I couldn't pull the clutch lever. It was stuck.
I have had this problem before on my Ducatis but they have clutch rods that pass through the block and I have installed the wrong length rod hence the slave couldn't reach the pressure plate. On the BMW of course, there is no rod.
The clutch slave must still not reaching the pressure plate for some reason. At first I thought maybe I had not re-installed the spacer(s) behind the clutch basket. I couldn't find them anywhere in my shop so........I had already reinstalled the cover so I simply started the motor.
I let it run for about 2 -3 minutes when I heard a slight "click" or "pop". Amazingly the clutch lever worked.
No rhyme or reason for it. Can't figure it out.
Anyone have this issue before?
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