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A few separate issues below.
My bike is a 2009 K1300GT, and since new it has had an engine vibration around 4500 - 6000 rpm, which is exactly motorway cruising speed.
I've heard that its possible to adjust the crank counter balance shaft, but can find no information in doing that DIY. The dealer didnt seem to know about it when i asked.
So is it possible DIY and does anyone have the procedure?
Or has anyone had the dealer do this with positive results?

Second issue, the clutch was always a but juddery, and dealer replaced the basket when under warranty.
In the meantime i started developing a lot of vibration and judder at the rear, this turned out to be a final drive bearing failure, and it was replaced (at my expense with BMW agreeing to take 40%). I thought this would cure things but i still have issues:
- Clutch judder when engaging
- vibration at speed
- Bad vibration when decelerating
I popped of the final drive and checked that, its still tight. The drive shaft UJs look and feel ok. But if i put the bike in first and rotate the rear wheel (on the stand) i can get about 20 degrees of rotation with a loud clunk-clunk from the gearbox.
Any ideas?
Is this normal on other bikes?
Seems it could be clutch, or something at the top end of drive shaft between that and the clutch.
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