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Hey KhC
I took the money, losing about $2000. I didn't want to lose the summer to riding as they wouldn't give me a loaner. Never went back the store and I caution anyone who deals with them. New K1300R is awesome!
You did the right thing. I had a mishap. Cycle slid under a guard rail and last of energy was absorbed in the headlight area. One fairing on the left side had a hole worn through it. Handle bars, bar ends, foot pegs, panniers, seat, front fender, forks, wheel, and front tire were untouched. It just slid balanced on that one point until the headlight hit the guard rail post. I rode it home. Initial estimate was over $9000. Lots of undamaged parts were to be replaced. Insurance company was going to total it.

After a careful assessment by me, I was able to eliminate all the undamaged parts to be replaced as a "precaution" and got the cycle repaired to condition before the mishap. It took months and many emails and hours of phone work. Lots of frustration and aggravation. Do not trust the dealer when working with an insurance company.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts