K1300S HP Driver Footpeg Spare Parts.
Used. Condition as described, and will be confirmed and communicated before payment / shipment.

Brake/Right Side Assembly. Photo #2,3. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Foot peg required.
Brake peg required.
Carbon Fiber needs clear coat.
Brake linkage extension included.
Foot peg plug included.

Shifter/Left Side Assembly #1. Photo #4 upper part. $150.00
Plate mounting bolt required (1)
Plate mounting bolt / shift lever pivot bolt and washer required (1)
Toe peg required.
Foot peg required.
Foot peg plug required.

Shifter/Left Side Assembly #2. Photo #4 lower. NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Plate mounting bolt required (1)

I am currently in search of the parts for the brake side and shifter side #2 to build a complete set that I will place for sale.

Sold to U.S. lower 48.
Buyer pays shipping.