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Well this will bore the socks off some, but for some save them some grief.
The bike is an 2009 30k.
And had it about a year, and ridden with no problems until a few weeks back when we had that hot weather, Rode to work, bike sat in the sun All day. Went to start it, nothing!
The ignition would turn on but the computer on running it's checks wouldn't step up to the next stage whereby the warning triangles show up,
No life out of the start button.
Had bike recovered. Few mornings later tried when it was very chilly and worked!

Forums pointed to switch gear issues, on this bike and same switch gear used on other bmw models too, including the RR.

Tried in evening, all ok. Put hair drier onto switch and when hot wouldn't work. Took switch off put in freezer for twenty mins. Tried again all ok!

Took it too a friend who's an electrical engineer and he tested the plastic pcb, the tracks where damaged and not completing the circuits in several places. So he rewired from pins to button contacts. It works well! Now resealed with resin glue.

His theory is that the sealing compound used to weatherproof the switch expands and contracts with heat/cold and in doing so breaks the copper pcb tracks. (Very fragile like on older car rear window demisters)
The buttons have contacts at the base which with care can be re soldered.
Good old wear n tear but in my opinion the flexible plastic pcb isn't tough enough to cope with the expansion and contraction in heat. And can't cope with vibration.
Just a theory Mr Bmw but as your switches are failing regularly maybe a free repair on such switches would be nice!


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