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The parts diagrams are now online for the new Slant/6 bikes.

K1600GT Parts Diagrams

K1600GTL Parts Diagrams

So for those of you that missed the pre-order program, or just can't wait to get your hands on a shiny new K16, maybe you could just order all the parts and build one yourself. :hysterica

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Interesting stuff, although one would be hard to scratch build one as they don't list prices for a lot of stuff...yet.

I like they get $47.83 for one quart of gear oil though for the right-angle drive (formerly final drive). Should be cheap at service if the engine oil is priced accordingly. I noticed they don't show the engine oil either?

I see the alternator is around $836 for a 55 watter? They shrunk it? Not much output for gear. Starter was about $340 which isn't as much of a shock.

Rear shock has what looks like a knob on it. I thought it was electrically controlled?

The ABS unit looks sort of like the one on the S1000RR, but it's a different part number so it ain't. The S1000RR ABS unit is $1512.74, fwiw.

Sidestand switch is $144.16.

Massive looking transmission.

Centerstand looks substantial.

Back to the float instead of the sensor strip which is good as I'm on my third strip. Gas tank is a "huge" blown thing too.

The (right) "Storage Compartment, Audio System" looks interesting and only one part? Left "stowage Compartment, Left" looks like it's solenoid driven? No price on either.

Hope they haven't figured out the unladen weight using the "Main Frame" they show that it weighs only 0.82 pounds! Must be some new space-age lightweight something as it looks absolutely massive for the weight they show. Maybe they meant 82 pounds.

Their wiring crimping pliers look nice at $417.21.

First time I've seen replacement "Repair Plugs" for their wiring anyplace. Nice photos of all of the ones shown.

Battery is much like what their normal one for $179.99. About the same as I heard for the older GT's as of last Nov. Time for an Odyssey PC60MJ maybe.

Only 1 power accessory socket I that I've found. My old GT had 2 and an optional added one (punch out piece) for a total of 3. Must be the smaller alternator?

Tool kit is the reversible screwdriver and one L-Torx driver. They do show what looks to be a better kit for $216.94 though. No tire kit for either.

They have a cable adapter for an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iTouch produced after 2004 for $71.92.

They have a branded, although unpriced, LED lightbar for the exterior of the top case that looks nice.

They have a shorter(?) and lighter "Sport Muffler" system too. Saves maybe 7 pounds over the stock it looks like. No price.

No price on the left and right "Engine Protection (crash) Bar."

Also, from appearance, it appears they have done away with the rocker arm and the various-sized "caps" on the valve stem ends are driven directly off the cam lobes with no intermediary rocker arm. True?

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