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Hi all. Totally new to the world of BMW but ridden bikes for 40 years. Brought a low mileage 1986 K75. I believe the starter relay was a fault so replaced it. However, it won’t turn over. A couple of things I cannot find any answers on so really need some help.
Kill switch: with the ignition on, if I put the kill switch to off it turns the dash lights off.
Starter button: when I press it I can hear a click of the injectors but no starter. I tested the feed at the new relay and I have a 12v going in on the main feed but it’s not coming back out. I checked the wire connection and when I press the starter button, it shows 12v going in. So do I suspect the new relay is faulty?
On the dash, when I turn the ignition on, I get the neutral light on regardless of what gear the bike is in. Is that right? Also, above the neutral light is a red light with a triangle, I have no idea what that means.
many help would be much appreciated as I am totally confused.
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