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I just returned from a 600 mile weekend in Maryland where I attended the BMWBMW Square Route Rally and found many great riding roads with a rally I recommend everyone put on their list.

My '93 K75S ran flawlessly and I find it a mount that I could ride all day. The riding position, handle bar height and seat (Sargent) make it very comfortable ride.

The question is for those who have ridden both the K75S and K100RS and riding comfort. Are they very similar?
Prefer one over the other? Why?

I may put a K100RS on my radar if the rides are similar.


PsyKotic Waterfowl
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Pretty much the same. Same wheelbase, frame geometry, handlebars, etc...

The K100 RS has about 20% more power and wet weight is 40 lbs. heavier. (according to
BMW specs)

The K100 engine won't be near as smooth as the K75 though.

The K100RS provides better weather protection for the body and legs.

You might also want to consider getting a K100RS4V or a K1100RS. For about the same amount of money or maybe a little more you get a lot more bike:

10 more hp
MUCH better from brakes
radial tires

Same ergos as the K100RS

If I planned to be riding one-up in mostly nice weather - a K75 for the smoothness.

For riding hard and mixed weather/temps - K1100RS.
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