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OK. I've been searching for a front end stand for my tire eater. I was about to pop for a Pitbull front (I have the Pitbull rear) but found the left mount point come dangerously close to the ABS sensor. Instead, I opt for the Kern-Stabi stand - which is designed for the KR/KS. I just received it am very pleased with its simplicity, ease of use, and adjustability.,10162,,Tshowrub--001.1119463251,.htm

Then, I happen upon this for $26.00!!!

That's cheaper than the special 22mm hex key I needed to buy to remove the front wheel!

Touratech's description (copy & paste):
When on the centerstand, the R1200GS is very heavily weight-biased to the front. Even with the front wheel removed, it is impossible for one person to hold the front forks off the ground while installing the wheel.

The removal-jack folds in half for easier storage. Includes a plate for soft-surfaces that doubles as a brown bottle opener for after the job is done. And it can be used for a kickstand plate for parking in sand or hot asphalt.

Could this item possibly work for the KR/KS? Very cool if in fact it'll work on the K...


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