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I posted this on the other forum as well. I think it came out alright.

I had been looking for a way to add some intense lighting for 06 K1200s. I have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin and driving at night it can be hard to see. I was not able to find a lighting mount so I made one up myself. So here goes.

1. First, I wired the back. I purchased a Wiring harness with Relay from Amazon around $15.00.

2. I purchased the LED light bar as well from Amazon. I had used them on my ATV and they really provide great lighting. $25.

3. I installed the wiring harness and ran the trigger wire off the high beam wire. Kudos to the poster who gave me this idea. Worked great.

4. I cut the metal for the top mounts and side mounts, drilled some holes and used some stainless steal screws.

5. That's about it. I would not recommend using this light in the city, but out in the country it sure is helpful.



Pictures are here


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