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Hello Peeps-

I have a beautiful 1991 K100rs that I am in love with. I picked it up in February this year and it's gone 65k. When I bought it it was in sore need of lotsa front end work, the steering bearing was heavily notched, fork seals, needed replaced, front tire was shot. Also the dreaded seal around the fuel pump had degraded and sucked up into the pump, clogged it and burned it out. I cost a ton. Oi vay!

The bike needs some more work done; at least that I can tell. It seems to be saying, “Lube my splines, dammit!”

I was laid off in March and am still looking for a steady gig, and can’t afford to pay a shop to get it done. I also don’t have the facilities, know how, or all the tools I would need. However, I would really like to learn how to dig into the bike and do it, especially since I’ll need to on a regular basis to keep it maintained.

I was wondering if there was someone in the area with the know how and tools that wouldn’t mind sharing time and wisdom with me by teaching me how to take apart the back end of the bike and do a spline lube, maybe clean out the starter, and whatever else is recommended while we’re in there. I am a fast learner, have some mechanical aptitude, and have a strong desire to learn. I could help you out around your place if you need something done and we could trade time.

Thanks much,
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