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I am just going to list them for ease...
1. 23000 miles
2. Remus Hexacone slip on with stock included
3. V Stream Touring windscreen
4. "Jimmy" mirror light mounts with PIAA lights
5. Recent Clutch slave
6. Shorai battery recently installed
7. OE Tune ECU Flash
8. Recently renewed Sargent seat with BMW connectors
9. Painted to match top case...panniers included
10. Driver and Passenger peg lowers installed
11. HyperLites brake lights on license frame
12. Air Horn...can't remember which one...but loud enough to get people to drop their phones!! LOL
13. PC8 power box
14. 2 extra portalet outlets on the left fairing...1 by rear grab handle
15. New Conti tires - 3 miles
16. New TPMS sensors...again 3 miles
17. Garmin/BMW Nav between the handlebars mount
18. Accessory shelf about dash
19. Fresh Motul oil change - 6 miles
20. New air filiter - 6 miles
21. Plastic gas tank fitting replaced with brass BB kit years ago so no gas leaks
22. Handlebar Up/Back included but not installed
23. Bag Connect old style ring installed...can remove and replace with the stock bolts in about 5 mins if needed.

Was my forever moto until injury forces me onto a GTL now.
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