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One sunny morning I decided to head down California's monotonous route 5 to LA. I had checked the weather, heavy wind expected all the way south, but nice weather. Getting to 5 takes about an hour for me. I stop for gas, food, change the iPhone tunes and steel myself for 4 hours of boredom. This boredom usually leads to speeds in the 120 to 150 mph area which the K1200s seems quite happy with. No tickets this trip due to good visibility and acute paranoia.
But my arrival in LA was marred with some strange handling from the bike. Not really dangerous feeling, but not the rock steady feel I am used to. Inspecting the bike I found no tread on one side of the front tire, the high speed and constant cross wind took the tread right off the Power Point. Right side tread was gone, left side looked like another 3K miles available.
Long Beach BMW fixed me up with a Michelin Road2 pair for the rest of my stay in LA and the ride home.
I learned the hard way not to tour on race tires.
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