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It is 104% official!!!

April 14th 2007 the 3rd annual Moonshine Lunch Run 2007 has been officially kicked off and we are ready for you to sign in!!!

This year,,, to hopefully cut down on the hassle we have our own Web site!!! Can you believe that!!! Me,,, having a Web site when I am so stupid I have to use Spell Checker to make sure I spell "Web" correctly!!!

Biddyman/Jody Lutker has graciously/stupidly volunteered to run the Moonshine-run site and is doing it all because he to knows I am both over my head here,,, and any money collected is for a great cause... Thanks Again Jody!!!

We need you to sign in over at the,,,

site so we know how many we can plan on showing up for eat event/day/meal...
All schedules/History/Motel Info/Register/Who's coming/History/Pictures and FAQ are over on the site so,,, CHECK IT OUT I SAY!!!

If you have any trouble or can't figure out how to get signed up to come to Moonshine Run and are wanting to,,, Just E-Mail me and I will help you out in any way...

[email protected]

What are the Plans so far???

April 12th Thursday night 6 - 10 pm
is a Cook out at my house where you bring nothing,,, we furnish it all for free... Can't beat that can you???

April 13th Friday noon we will ride up to the Coles County Airport between Charleston and Mattoon and eat a "Elephant Ear Sandwich"!!! Trust me,,, you will talk about this for a long time as pilots fly into here from everywhere just to eat there!!! Tim Yow has taken charge of this and will lead us up,,, and take a scenic way home with some interesting sights on the way... We will leave from the Comfort Inn... WELL,,, worth attending!!!

April 13th Friday Night 6:30 - 9 pm or so we will once again meet at Richards Farm Restaurant in Casey... Great Food and this year Richards is letting us get a price break compared to last year on the Buffet and also we have the "Willow Room" which is all on the main level and seats 300 EASY!!! Far easier to visit before and after you eat with plenty of room,,, and no FRIGG'N Stairs to put up with like last year!!! Also you can order off the Menu or,,, just show up and have a drink and visit... It is a "Must Make" if at all possible!!!

April 14th Saturday morning starting at 7 am come by the Casey Comfort Inn/Moonshine Headquarters... Everyone come by and sign in for the door prizes to be given away!!!

Free Coffee,,, and yes,,, YES,,, the Sweet Roll Lady will once again be there selling,,, H U G E,,, GREAT/DELICIOUS Sweet Rolls which all money will be donated to the Mission Fund through the Willow Creek Church again...

We will start sending people down with Guides to get us all there and HOPE we cut down on all the ones who got lost last year!!! We will start sending groups down to Moonshine about 8:30 am and a group will leave about every 30 minutes or so...

Last group will leave the Comfort Inn at about 11:45 am...

We will have the Prize Giveaway starting at 12:45 I am guessing... We will read off at LEAST,,, the "Top 10" on who all rode the farthest 1 way to eat a Moonburger and other wacky stuff at that time... Everyone who was there last year really enjoyed it other than,,, suffering through the,,, "Dork On The Porch" who MC'd the event... (((me)))

AT,,, LEAST,,, the "Top 5" will win a really nice prize for being the Wackiest of the Wacky to ride in so far,,, to such a small town,,, to eat a Moonburger!!!

April 14th Saturday night 5:30 pm who ever is around we will get together and ride to eat at a Local spot well worth the trip!!! We will leave from my house so come early and hang out till we leave at 5:30 if you wish...

April 15th Sunday Morning time to be announced we will once again,,, and for the last time for this year get together with all the stragglers left and go to eat Breakfast close and then,,, start talking about Moonshine Lunch Run # 4,,, in 2008 ya see...

So,,, this thread on this site is just where to Talk/Ask/Discuss/Cuss/Whine/Laugh and plan on how you are getting to Moonshine,,, what you are riding to Moonshine,,, and what day your COMING,,, to Moonshine!!! I mean,,, YOU are ALL,,, COMING to Moonshine I mean,,, Right?!?!?!?

If you don't make it to Moonshine,,, you ain't a Motorcycle Rider,,, your just a Motorcycle Owner!!!

Terry "Two Wrecks" Hammond

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Wacky Facts Update!!!

We have,,,

26 States and Canada coming so far!!!

40 at least coming to my house Thursday night!!!

90 going to Richards Friday night!!! I think we had 120 total last year,,, and we still have like 3 months to go!!!

116 bikes,,, 139 people so far...

Those 139 people say they want 147 shirts!!!

Average for the 116 bikes on mileage??? 380 miles 1 way to Moonshine!!!

We have 25 States + Canada coming!!!

The Top 40 bikes are riding 400 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 20 bikes are riding 650 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 10 bikes are riding 850 miles at least 1 way!!!

The Top 6 bikes are riding 1,000 mile at least 1 way!!!

We have 1 coming from Kingman Arizona to hold 2nd place so far right at 1,700 miles!!!

The Top Dog,,, is riding over 2,000 miles,,, in April,,, from California,,, to Illinois to eat a Moonburger and go home!!!

The EXACT miles you ride will be the miles you put down on the sign in sheet... If it is like me,,, if it is 600 miles somewhere,,, I probably will have 650 when I get there... The sign in sheet will be what we will go by to be "Official"...


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Just updated the Journal over on the site!!! Here is that update to keep you all informed...

Thats RIGHT!!!

We have 100 people showing up for the dinner Friday at Richards farm already!!! We can seat 300 easy but,,, if you are wanting to make the dinner,,, start getting registered and mark on the registration you are wanting to make Richards farm on Friday night... If you already signed up,,, but did NOT mark you were coming Friday,,, just e-mail me any and all changes and Jody and I will take care of it for you...

We have 46 planning on making my house on Thursday night so far!!!

We have 161 people,,, and 131 bikes so far signed up to come and it is STILL,,, January!!!

26 States,,, and Canada can NOT be wrong so,,, make sure and plan on getting here,,, and signing up so we can prepare for who all/How many are coming!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!

JUST,,, 79 more days till the opening ceremonies at Moonshine!!! :dance:
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