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I recently took delivery of the Motoport Police pants made of stretch kevlar. They're great pants, provide outstanding protection and they flow a lot of air so they're comfortable. I wore them at the California Superbike School. While I was more comfortable than the guys in leathers, I was also sliding around more on the seat. I noticed that particularly this weekend on my S. It was something I didn't think about until after I bought them. After riding some twisties on Saturday, I put on a pair of leather jeans I had and noticed a huge difference (duh!). The leather grips the seat and the tank and I don't slide around at all.

I have now the BMW SuperPro leathers. I'll still use the textiles for touring, but for sport riding or riding aggressively, I feel more comfortable in leather because leathers really grip the side of the bike far better than textiles.
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