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so I apparently have a fetish for LED lighting, for no particular reason.

I've wanted to switch my turn signals to LED for some time. I bought some ebay LEDs recently and thought I'd share my results.

First was the front turn signals, H21W.
I bought these here:

as it turns out they are neither H21W or canbus compatible.
Upon notifying the seller of this they claimed they'd only give me a refund if I gave them positive feedback. That sounded like a breach of ebay's feedback extortion policy to me; case pending.
I'd rather be out the $25 than give them positive feedback for mis-representing their item.

I think maybe they are claiming canbus compatibility based upon circuits that aren't monitored, or non-flashing circuits like our front running lights ala lenbo's led install ( which has been in my bike for a couple years now.

Then there is the rear turn signals, P21W = the good old 1156 bulb
I bought those here:
for a whopping $10 shipped in from Shanhai, and I'm happy to report that they work great. Perhaps they are not quite as bright as the incandescent, but the difference is barely noticable, and close enough that I'm happy with them. The color is a bit more yellow, where as the incandescent was a bit more orange.

After that worked I bought another set today and have them on the way for the brake lights, so we'll see how that goes. After this success I thought that maybe I'd spring for a tailblazer and use these bulbs, but then I remembered that the tailblazer fits the socket but uses a totally different bulb, so that idea is out.

If anybody has any suggestions for front turn signal lamp I'm still looking.

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