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About a month and a half back I was knocked off my 2006 K1200GT while heading home :boom: . Yep insurance right off :yeow: . It was a problematic bike, all the known issues. Added the power commander a year or so back. big help, any way, I got 8000.00 replacement cost for my 2006. It took a month but I found a 2008 for 9,000. What a big difference a few years make. The suspension is much softer, even in sport mode. Sport mode is close to what my normal was, still on the softer side though. No bucking bronco, smoother around 3000 rpm, seems to be a smoother bike all around maybe a little better handling..maybe.
Mine did have over 100,000.00 kilometres and this one has 45,000 kilometres.
All around I am very happy with spending 1,000.00 bucks on an update K1200GT. I was just about to bring the 2006 in for plugs and coolant change out. Glad I did not!!! I saved 1000.00 on that maintenance and got me a better younger less warn out one :clap: for the same cost
Now I just have to get used to the lighter colour.
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