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Congratulations, you'll love it, except perhaps the maintenance.
I have a 2015 Motorsports model, which has a lot of stuff fixed on it by the factory compared to an 09. Make sure all the recalls have been done.
Here are some random bits of advice:
1. Run 38psi in the front instead of the recommended 36. It will track more accurately in turns.
2. Get a Booster Plug installed. It will mostly fix throttle response issues at low throttle openings and help cure a flat spot around 4000 rpm.
3. Replace the horn. WIth anything.
4. I had a mechanic add Powerlet outlets in each front fairing panel. I plug power to a radar detector into one of them, but can use the other for my electric vest.
5. I put Grip Puppies on (neoprene sleeves) to make the small diameter hard handlebars more comfortable. Best $12 I've spent on the bike. And the heated grips still work.
6. I put a Kaoko throttle lock on mine, and I don't like it. I almost never use it, and it's uncomfortable on the edge of my right hand. The k1300s sorely needs a cruise control.
7. I've run Pirelli Angel GT tires on mine since i wore out the stock M3's in 2700 miles. I've been very happy with them. I'm on the GT II version now.

If you ride with a tank bag I can tell you how to fix an unfortunate wind ripple that may come up.
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