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Just wanted to say 'Hi' as I just purchased my first K bike and will be spending time here
(I also registered on i-bmw)

I used to live in Canada and rode a VFR all over North America and it was great - very different than Europe. Vast and empty in many places up north.... perfect for extreme solo rides and iron butt type marathons.

However, I am now in Sofia, Bulgaria - rode an R1150 GSA for the past 10 years, love it for everything - camping, 2 up, mountain roads, etc but I missed the really high-speed capabilities of a sports tourer for the highways and autobahns here. In Europe, a dedicated speed missile is a must. I will never sell the GSA (goes to my son) but spent the past few years researching for a very fast bike. K1200RS I just purchased is just that - I know it's not the best in the twisties but I have the GSA for that - the K-bike will live on the highways 95% of the time.

I went for a dirt cheap 2001 K1200RS with original side cases - I checked many bikes that were more expensive but wasn't sure of their condition down deep. In the end, I decided to buy a bike (for peanuts) with a main seal leak and fix everything myself - I do all the work on my GSA and I restored my father's K100RS that he still rides - this way at least I'll know everything is perfect and won't "go there" again in the next 5 years.

Things I need to fix:
- main engine seal with o-ring and all gearbox seals, new clutch slave cylinder, etc
- the ABS removal was a sloppy job and I have to go over it - it all works but the pressure modulator and some other items will be removed for a cleaner bike with more storage under the seat.
- the gear indicator (already fixed actually)
- alarm removal (this scares me some but I have BMW and Clymer manuals and hopefully it won't be a drama)

So that's it - I'm the new guy with the old bike... no pictures yet, sorry
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