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Got a k1600 with 5K on it. Got first ride on it tonight. Rode with wife on back and the bike was what i wanted a tour type bike to be. Rode gold wings and loved them. But my love and passion is the BMW expression of bikes. K mostly.

So after a hot, i live in Houston, ride to the country and back, i was assessing the way the thing is so heavy in low speed conditions. Wanted to find out how it would do without the big trunk on it. For a trip, worth the bother, it eats stuff up.

I decided to take off the top case. That thing is heavy!!!! Once I did I decided to take off the side cases as well to get a feel for the thing without any cases. Wow, it is really a different expression of this bike. I have been on multiple GT’s and it felt in weight and maneuvering like that. Riding position was still the GTL, no doubt about that.

I took a quick spin without the bags. Everything was different in handling. I could ride this in place of my GT on fast jaunts and day trips where storage is not needed. It turned in fine and was willing to go over further than I felt this early in our relationship from going. I will learn to let it lean in sport mode soon enough.

Net is if you own one of these and have not taken the bags off, do it. You will Love the experience. Easy to lock the kit on when done.

Nice bonus to have a second use for this beast when i want it..,
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now about how to mount my V1??? Suggestions. I will do a search,,,

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Yeah, the K16 is a beast alright. That slant/6 motor puts out so much smooth torque—just roll on the throttle and you're gone.

Removing the bags and trunk actually makes a huge difference. And they're quick and easy to reinstall, giving you the best of both worlds.

You might want to check out the K1600forum. Lots of great folks over there that know a lot about this big Beemer and love to share.

As for radar, I used a V1 for years inside a Legal Speeding Radar Box waterproof mount. They don't make those anymore, unfortunately.

On my last bike I just went with the Adaptive TPX Detector, which is waterproof in itself so no need for an outside box or plastic baggie and rubber bands. ;)
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