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New K75 Owner

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Hey y'all,

Just bought my first BMW and second street bike - a 1988 K75S. It needs some love - including some cleaning, a right front turn signal lens, and a wire to be soldered within the gas tank to power the fuel pump. But, it runs, and it's mine :)

Any recommendations for a checklist on making sure everything looks good? I checked the drive shaft splines and they're all good. Past that, not 100% sure what to do next. Also, I definitely need new locks or a new key for the luggage, I only have the one for the ignition.


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If you've got the Rider's Manual, just go down the list of scheduled maintenance. Clutch spline lube should be your top concern. It will require major disassembly. Next, is all the rubber parts in the fuel injection system, as long as you have it all apart for the spline lube. Consult the online MAX BMW Parts Fiche to visualize the various systems and subassemblies. Find a used Clymer's shop manual on ebay.
I second this, definitely make sure all the rubber is in good shape. My K100 I fixed up this year had been sitting since 95, so all the fuel lines were shot. Injectors were clogged, fuel lines in the gas tank had deteriorated into black goo, and all the vacuum caps on each throttle body were cracked. I replaced all of that, and it runs great now.

Make sure tires are in good shape of course, if you have the chance you can lube the splines too. Other than that, I recommend changing all the fluids if they're old. Coolant (and a new thermostat is a great idea, those springs wear with age and you don't want that failing, lest overheats), oil and filter change, brake fluid flush, and transmission/final drive oil. These are all pretty straightforward procedures, but important nonetheless.

Let us know if you have any questions on fixing her up, also, the odometers might need some new gears and some tinkering in case they're not working.
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