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I just discovered this website this week. I am a long time BMW rider, going back to my 1979 R100RS. Always ridden the twins, air and oil cooled., and have been a long time member of the RTsportouring site. Just bought a used 2007 K1200GT, as I felt it's time to retire (sell) my 2002 1150RT and try someting different. Love the GT so far, and my discovery of this site just seals the deal.

Excellent website, and I look forward to learning all I can about my GT from the community here. I do have one question about Aerogards. Once big difference I've already noticed is the definite lack of wind protection as compared to my RT. I don't expect miracles, but just how effective are the Aerogards and are they in fact worth the price?

Thanks in advance.

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