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"Hey Y'all"
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Smoothoperator said:
We want to be the number one place to find BMW K bike info, but .... If you can't find info on the original K's here, be sure to check out the K1100 Owners Group. They cover (re: own) a lot of older K's over there. Nice site by some nice folks.

As for info "here", we've got a lot of knowledge. Somebody will know.

Thanks again,

1985 K100RS - 36,000 miles
1987 K75s - 101,000 miles
1996 R1100RSL - 16,000 miles (I should have kept it. It was so pretty.)
1995 K1100RS - 76,000 miles (60k by me)
2002 K1200RS - 50,000 miles and climbing
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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