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New R1200RS owner, have a few questions

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First off, I like the new site and have enjoyed lurking for a few weeks. I'm not new to BMW but I am new to K bikes. Somehow I ended up with a 2002 K1200RS and I really like the bike. I got rid of an ST1300 which I never really bonded with.

I have a few questions on the bike that I hope some of you can answer.

1) Why is the oil filter enclosed? It looks like the bike was designed for a cartrige type filter but converted to a sealed canister at a later date. At least now I know why BMW oil filters aren't painted. Weird.

2) What are some of the common torque values (final drive, tranny, oil drain plug, brakes, lug nuts). My owners and service manual don't give those values.

3) Can the front shock/spring preload be adjusted?

4) Who makes the best risers/bar backs? I need about an inch back and up.

5) Where is the best place to buy a service manual CD?

Thanks and see you on the road.....RLK
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ssls6 said:
3) Can the front shock/spring preload be adjusted?

No, there is nothing there to adjust (preload, rebound, or compression) on the stock shock. If you're adding a lot of weight to the front, you might want to consider getting a stiffer spring, or like quite a few people do after 12k miles, get new front and rear shocks from Öhlins, Wilbers, or Bitubo and have them set up the shock for your weight and anticipated riding style. They can come with the adjustable settings, so you can make the needed tweaks as required.

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