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Ok guys so 500 miles later, here are some findings (after the 250 miles later post)

1- thanks for the advice on keeping my money on the bar risers, I HAVE gotten used to the bars, there is a particular way in which you sit on this bike that is very little weight on your wrists. I like it. ZZRMAN.

2- Thansk for the advice on putting the bike on Confort Rider + Luggage, because of my 'phat arse' that setting seems to be the best one. ZZRMAN $ GWC

3- I have been told that I DEFENETLY need the Fuel Injection computer upgrade, Tech at Blue Moon told me so just by listening to it. So 600 is been scheduled tomorrow so I will get that taken care of.

4- Shifting to 2nd and Third still feels way LOUD and CLUNKY. Tech at Blue Moon told they have had some issues with early production 05's (which mine is a 04/2005) so its a wait and see game. He actually told me to shift into second and third at the lowest possible speed and RPM, the fastest possible after first, that is better than at higher RPMs. So I tried and he is correct, the noise and clunk is very mild at lower speeds and RPMS, off course who wants to do that so. He told me when I bring it in for the 600 they will ride it and they will be able to tell me more on the tranny.

Otherwise I LOVE the bike my LT is getting the silent treatment last two weeks....LOL
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