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Gosh it's now been 8 years that we've been doing this. How time flies.
But a lunch gathering on New Years Day is still a great way to start
new year. Gittin with friends and riding motos.

We will have our 8th Annual New Year's Day gathering at 11:00 on
Sunday, 01 January 2006 at Michael's Restaurant in Douglasville, PA.
This is centrally located and easy access for the majority of eastern
M/C floggers, whether from the cities or the burbs or the country.
Michael's is located just west of Pottstown, PA on Rte US422, 4.5 miles
west of the intersection of Rte100 at Pottstown. Michael's is on the
northwest corner of the intersection of US422 and PA662. The phone
number is 610-385-3017. Check the map or try a MapQuest search for
Benjamin Franklin Hwy, Douglassville, PA". That's not it, but it's
pretty close.

The roads in from all directions are fun so take the most contorted
route you can find and we'll see you there for lunch. They'll have the
traditional pork and sauerkraut or you can order real food, or you can
just fatten up on the great baked goods you'll see when you first
Oh temptation!

If you can get to Rte422 in Reading or King of Prussia or to Rte 100
from Lehigh Valley or West Chester you've got it made. Remember:
people are more important than motorcycles. If the riding conditions
suck or are dangerous, bring the car. Wear your M/C hat
something so we can scare all the other patrons.

Please pass this along to folks that don't have email so they can ride
in too. Thanks.

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