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Newbie on this forum, have 3 bikes though (K1300GT, F800St, and now a K1200S).

I bought the K1200S as a project, has the classic issues, ABS issue and 2nd gear jumping out.

For the ABS, had the dealer replace the fluid and do a complete check on the ABS, it appears the servo motor for the rear circuit only runs a few seconds before locking up, everything else checks out (front circuit is fine).

They beleive the rear servo "motor" is the culprit, it runs for the few seconds and then draws a large load on monitoring the battery and the stops. It is logging the "risdual braking on one circuit error (rear).

I found a used pump, the pumps are bad but the servo motors are fine, has anyone attempted to replace just the motor and had any sucess? It doesn't look too bad to replace, thought I would ask. All else fails no issue, I assumed I would be sourcing a complete used pump anyway.
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