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No this is not going to be a thread asking people to tell me which one to buy...

I am interested in both and am just deciding to go faired or not... I do track days so faired would be good... but the R is awesome too..

Anyways I am a newbie from Sydney. I have ridden FZ-1's CBR1000RR's, R1', Hayabusa's.. you name it i've ridden it....

I am now selling an 08 FZ1N because it's crap and I am huge. I'm 23, 6'8" ex club bouncer now in sales so I am pretty big... I've got pics of me on the FZ1 and it looks like I am riding one of those rides u get the kids on that costs 40c in the shopping centre... it's embarrassing!!!

So I am going for something bigger... and Damn the K1200's are comfy!!!

Because of track use, ABS is out... electronic suspension just can't get stiff enough... Don't know if i want an older ones with servo brakes either.... I have never ridden with servo brakes and heard nothing but bad things about it... no brake feel etc...

Am looking to buy in Sydney... Either stealership or private...

so there are lots of things to think about!!

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