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jay_hansen said:
As long as it's accurate, I'll stick with the analog pencil guage. :cool:

They are also a little harder to bend/break, or whatever, when carrying them on a bike.
I also read someplace (I often read someplace :) ) that the accuracy isn't as important as always using the same gauge. It seems as if there are often errors of 1 to 2 psi from the same manufacturer. I don't know, as I've never cared enough to check gauges before I buy one, but the advice seems logical.

p.s. An esteemed editor of one BMW club magazine has written numerous times of "their" unscientific tire check. Seems as if they get a kick out of randomly selecting bikes at rallies and checking the tire pressure. BE IT KNOWN TO ALL that if I find anyone with a tire gauge on my wheels when I'm hundreds or even thousands of mile from home, that I will kick them in the ass and THEN ask then what they are doing. -- Which has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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