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I've had great service out of oiled foam air filters over many years and all sorts of engines in very dusty environments.(speedway bikes, 4WDs, road bikes, industrial engines) I had a look at the UNI FILTER foam filter for the K1200S and emailed the Australian producer with the following reply.

"Thanks for your email........ As for the BMW we do have a filter available for this model. The part# is “NU 7307” price $AU 43.50. I have attached a picture of our filter compared to the original. We have made our filter bigger than the standard one to improve the air flow. This filter is also fully serviceable. The main difference between our filters and the cotton gauze filters you mentioned is that our filters filter down to 4 microns compared to 35 microns for the better quality cotton filters. The airflow of our filters is the same as there’s.

Kind Regards

Myles Gooch


I have absolutely no connection with this organisation. The filtration specs of oilled cotton gauze has bothered me for a while. If you can get the same flow volumes as oiled cotton gauze from a large oiled foam filter along with higher filtration specs then perhaps it's worth considering. This site is worth a look
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