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Does anyone have a right saddlebag for the older r11oo/r1150 motorcycle in the attic or garage? I believe the r11xxrt,r,rs and s models all used the same bag. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.
My friend and his wife were riding in Europe [Romania] when the bag came off the motorcycle. They only noticed that it was missing when they stopped for the night. She spent the next 6 days living off toiletries and an extra blouse they purchased and washing out her clothes every night.
If anyone can help, the locking cylinder will need to be removed with the original key. this will allow me to re-key it to his key. He has a spare set of lids [the monster lids were on the existing bags] so the main thing needed is a useable rear half to mount on the right side of the bike.

Can anyone help out???
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