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In today's paper,

Motorcyclist tangles with golden eagle
Red Bluff Daily News
Posted: 08/17/2011 12:28:43 AM PDT

PLATINA — A San Carlos man was injured and an eagle died following a collision between the two at 4:40 p.m. Saturday on Highway 36W, west of Ball Road, about 40 miles west of Red Bluff.
Joshua Fisher, 44, was riding his 2009 BMW motorcycle east on Highway 36W, about 55 mph, when a golden eagle flew into his path and hit his helmet.

The impact caused Fisher to fly off the back of the motorcycle, hitting the ground, causing him to suffer moderate injuries. Fisher was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, California Highway Patrol Officer Phillip Mackintosh said.

The motorcycle continued eastbound before drifting off the north road edge and into a field, and was discovered about 460 feet away from Fisher, Mackintosh said. The motorcycle had major damage.

This is just 90 miles or so from my house and a scene of many spirited Sunday rides. California Hwy 36 is a well known motorcycle ride and has been listed as one of the most interesting roads in the US. The last time I passed through here with my wife we dodged turkey vultures, suicidal ground squirrels, two deer and a wild turkey all in the span of 50 miles.

Be careful out there!

Mark in Chico
07 KGT
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