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Paint codes

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I have ordered the Corbin seat and Smuggler for my Blue/White KS. Corbin called and wants to know the paint code for the white paint. ( I am surprised that Corbin doesn't have the code or resources to get the code. Wait. I'm the resource.) On my KRS it was under the seat but I can't find it anywhere on the KS. Blue Moon Cycles also thought it was under the seat. I am waiting for a call back but I KNOW someone on this fantastic forum knows where to find the code. For the white. On a K1200S blau und weiss. Anyone? Bueller?
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Indigo Blue / Alpine White Metallic, color code: 968. But remember this is just as on the RS's..a combo code for both Blue/White, but they should be able to find it with this as basics.
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