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I am looking for a contribution.. to be used as a main header image for my new 'Favorite Ride' page, currently under construction, that will be contained within my new website.

Since this page will be dedicated to the riders, and will hopefully contribute to everyone's experience and entertainment, as a rider, I will in-fact always make sure all contributions are acknowledged on the site.

The picture I am looking for would be one, as taken from the rider's perspective, over/around the windshield of the road ahead ! After all, that is what it's all about !

So please, if you can, send me 'good quality' pics of your best that might closely resemble my vision for this picture.. I can only pick one to start with, but I promise to use, with your blessings of course, as many as possible thru-out the pages dedicated to this part of the site.

Please send to [email protected]

Thanks in advance for the help and your support thru the years...
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