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Snowed hard here last night, so will not be riding for a few days until it warms back up. In the meantime, I am doing the planning to add accessory wiring in a few weeks, and wanted input from those more knowledgable (everyone) than me. For now, I want to power a radar detector,power to the tank bag for possible satellite radio/IPOD/intercom, Moto caliper lights, and front and back seat clothing heaters. My plan is to bring a line forward from the gps accessory line in front of the battery to power the radar detector. I plan to use a centech AP1 with inline fuse, and relay off of the low beams. This to power the moto lights. I thought I'd leave the factory accessory outlet wired as is, but direct-to-battery wire the second plug for heated clothing and battery charging. A third accessory plug will be put back by the pillion seat heater switch for passenger heated clothing use. Should I run the second line up front, to the tank bag, also from the gps access. line, or from the centech fuse box? When I order the AP1 with relay, should I order the option of the relay wired 6" from the fusebox or 12" from the battery, or does it matter? Does the relay supplied by eastern beaver seem appropriate for the canbus, or do I need to chase down a unidirectional relay like the plug and play? Any other questions I'm not asking?
I've had the bike about 3 weeks, have 2700 miles on, REALLY like it alot, and still haven't decided what to do with the seat (it is maybe, perhaps, somewhat better than the first day).
Thanks for all the great info and insights in these forums.

Brooke Hunter
Helena, MT

2006 K1200GT
2002 KTM 640 LC
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