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Steve_Carlton said:
One of the european members on Pelican posted this Italian link, mentioning the MotoGP project was halted. Maybe someone here can translate?
From the translation, it appears it mentioned the program was going to be halted, but it has progressed to develop better technology.

I used the altavista Babel Fish online translator, free:

Place and imprecisati date of the photographic release. But the motion is one BMW. In saddleback it seems it are to us the three times champion of the world Luca Cadalora, at least to judge from the livery of the helmet I plowed, typical of the modenese pilot.

A motion laboratory that derives, probably, from the prototype that BMW has developed three years or is in forecast of the debut in the MotoGP. A plan then abandoned but that it has given its yield in terms of development and search applied to the management of chassis, ciclistica and suspensions.

This model experiences them (with as well as of antenna for the telemetry on the codone) has the traditional beam chassis double and suspensions rather than to take advantage of the propeller like carrying element, like from tradition of the Bavarian House.
The motor, in all probability, is 3 or 4 cylinders online to judge from the escapes of the drainages and the lateral development of the chassis.

The final transmission is to chain. One choice, also this, voted to the search of the maximum dynamic rendering and that it has pushed the technicians to abandon the traditional cardanic tree: sure and reliable but little adapted the sport guide.

Technology from Formula 1
A famous official BMW explains as the management of motors to high performances and the entire system electronic, comprised the hardware and the software, costituiranno a fundamental element of the plan. In carrying out a job of development like this in center, the engineers will draw advantage from the experience derived from Formula 1 and the technological leadership of BMW in the field of the electronics. Professor the Burkhard Göschel, responsible Research and development of BMW, have declared: "dynamics of powerful motorcycles that operate to the limits of physics is currently between the more complex phenomena in this field. For our engineers, this represents a sophisticated and at the same time fascinating task highly ".

Herbert Diess, president of BMW Motorrad, has emphasized as this activity of BMW search will have fallen back positive also on the production in series: "the systems of management of the longitudinal dynamic forces, like the control of the sliding, will be introduced for the motion powerful of the mass production in the years to come. Beyond to the ABS, they will make part of an integrated concept meant to increase the emergency active ".
That translate, more simply, it wants to say that the BMW is working also for the motion to the control of traction and the active suspensions.

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