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After my experience with doing the following I wanted to provide a more detailed DYI write up for the Hall Of Wisdom. I scoured the forum for postings and found them sprinkled around with varying degrees of explanations so I decided to document how I did these upgrades. Of course I had great help from K1200GTDallas (Mark) and Ken Meese (of course). Some may notice a slight bit of plagarism (hey I tried to note who) but I think you will forgive that. So here's what I wrote up and will post:

Battery removal
Fuel Tank removal
Fuel tank Metal Quick Disconnects.
Booster Plug - Install
Stepper solenoid - relocated
Charcoal canister by-pass
O2 sensor - replacement

I would advise anyone who owns a GT to perform these upgrades.
I just took a 80 mile ride today and the GT runs like a champ. Smooth as can be with LOTS of power. No more bucking and a constant speed, no more hesitations at speed (like a gust of wind impeding you). Its great.

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