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So the long rectangle shaped rods that run from the middle support of the frame to the rear of the bike …the handles for a pillion and the panier attachment pin/ rod area screwed down into these frame rods..
well just found today that my panniers on both sides and those pillion handles are kind of lose and wobbly …
so I took off the seat and a couple small pieces of fairing to see where the screws /‘bolts are that hold these parts on …when I tried to to tighten them up they will not tighten or unscrew … so can’t remove them either they just spin in there… it’s the same thing on both sides..
almost as if there is a nut on the other side that is spinning …which would not make sense as how can you get to that nut to hold it in place ? I would think treads are drilled into the rod / shaft ..
so is there some kind of procedure I am missing to tighten these up or am I stuffed the bolts have stripped the thread and I need to now get bigger bolts and drill a new larger thread …or maybe jbweld them together which wouldn’t be ideal in case I ever need to take it all apart ?
I could always drill the hole through the rod and put a nut and washer on the under side?
anyone have any experience with this ? Really don’t like the thought of my panniers not being securely attached !
also taking a pillion would not be a good idea if these handles are not 100 % …unless it’s a hot chick she can just wrap around me hahah sorry you can’t use the handles …..maybe I should leave em as is lol

picture below of the bolt I am talking about in case my explanation is difficult to understand..

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