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I have removed the fairing and tank on my k1300GT, looking down at the tank it appears the female QC has been araldited to the tank base. I would like to install the metal QC's that are recommended. The current glued connector is solid and I'm wondering if I can get it off without damaging the base of the tank, which I think is metal ?
Any advice appreciated. View attachment 32862

View attachment 32862
Its plastic not metal. If it was marginal or cracked I would not trust a bodge like this.
But the last person in this may have laid on the resin to prevent a crack in the part by reinforcing it.
I can't tell if one is able to detach the pump itself and insert into a salvaged assembly whose pump has died.
Some off the shelf metal fuel line parts brass etc might be insertable if you were to flush cut the resin daubed bit and could through-fit a threaded fitting.
But the other side may well be fused together preventing access.

Check the number of models that take this assembly and troll ebay you might get lucky.
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